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Ad Security Platform


Ultimate Protection From Bad Ads

Malvertising can seriously harm your business relations, customer satisfaction, ad operations and ultimately your business results. Year after Year we’re witnessing malware and deceptive ads to be more sophisticated and more difficult to track. Playleaks ad security platform was tailor-made to provide publishers and ad platforms with the ultimate protection from malicious and low-quality ads

Protect Your Reputation

Playleaks provides a 24/7 protection from malware and low-quality ads eliminating reducing the risk bad ads create to your business relationship and end users

Remain Focused

By providing you accurate, real-time notification on any malicious or unwanted activity, you can minimize the time spent on quality issues and remain focused on maximizing your revenue

Guard Your Investment

Malvertising is evolving every day. By monitoring your ads from malware and latent ads you are protecting your business relations and ensuring your investment is maximized


Malware Detection

Maintain transparency of fraud and malware running on your tags at all times. Receive real time alerts of malicious ad activity and protect your users

Ad Quality Monitoring

Playleaks continuously monitors and verifies that your ad inventory is served at a proper quality. We make sure that your users will not be harmed from issues such as low-quality creatives, data leakage, high latency, CPU-intensive scripts and more

Ad Tag Intelligence

View which VAST is working better for you or your demand partners. Understand how deep the arbitrage in your demand chain, find out which creatives are played, from which brand and get complete details about their technical characteristics.
Playleaks Ad Tag Intelligence module is the only solution that provide in-depth, precise view about the entire supply-demand chain and able to generate real business decisions.



Ensure your website is protected from malware and inappropriate content. Continuously monitor the creatives played on your website to ensure your end-users are not in danger of malicious activity and your website is following your security policies

Ad Platforms

Protect your publishers and media partners from malicious ads and poor ad quality. Stay ahead of unwanted ads endangering your operations and threatening your reputation. Playleaks will continuously verify your ad Inventory is malware-free, your creatives are in good quality and provide real-time alerts on any compliance issue that may occur.

Protect yourself from malicious ads

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