Malware Detection

Stay protected from malicious ads

Malicious Ads put your end-users and relationship with media partners at risk. With Playleaks scanning technology you are completely protected from any malicious activity that might put you at risk. Our system continuously scans and analyzes your ad tags looking for malicious activities. Whether it’s forceful redirect, popups, malicious landing pages, Playleaks will detect and immediately alert you with detailed report of the identified incident.

Our malware detection technology is based on advanced algorithm specialized in tracking scripts footprints and detecting anomalies that enable us to succeed where other fail.

Playleaks technology is suitable for giving you fast pre-flight results and continuous in-flight security to ensure you are completely protected throughout your ad tag lifecycle.

Ad Quality

Be proactive on quality issues

Poor ad quality leads to bad user experience and poor customer satisfaction. By proactively monitoring and addressing quality issues your revenue stream is protected and your publishers are kept satisfied.

Playleaks Quality monitoring technology collects metrics such as ad latency, network consumption, error messages, CPU load and many more to provide you a complete picture of every ad tag in your inventory.

Our system will alert you when ad tags crosses any quality threshold and provide you extensive details about the source of this issue.

Ad Tag Intelligence

Gain insight into your ad tags

With every scan performed on your ad tag, our system records any piece of business data, analyzes it and generated a business dashboard ready for you to use. Thanks to our ability to see through every script, VAST, VPAID our system can generate business insights about the entire supply-demand chain which assists you to make better business decisions.
View which VAST is working better for you and your demand partners. Understand how deep the arbitrage in your demand chain, find out which creatives are played and by which brand. Deep dive into creatives technical characteristics and Leverage the in-depth data to drive better business decisions.

Additional Capabilities

Complete Coverage

Our system support all types of browsers on all environments with a presence in over 40 locations around the world which enables us to provide you with the compete coverage to protected your ad inventory

Detailed Reports

Upon detection of unwanted behavior, we provide you with a complete and detailed report of the recorded incident. This report will include details about the malicious script, remediation options, source of the problem and complete and transparent details of the call chains and involved parties.

Ad Formats

Our system understands the nature and specific characteristic of different Ad formats. Whether it’s Display, Video or Native our system will scan and analyze your ads looking for any outstanding behaviors

Video Expertise

Our expertise in video knowing the in’s and out’s of video protocols and the industry allows us to analyze through every VAST and VPAID and pin-point any breach on the protocol or script level.

Root-Cause Analysis

Our proprietary technology allows us to track down through the call chain and detect the origin of each malicious script. When a malicious script is detected we will provide you with information of the exact origin allowing you to remove that demand chain without killing the entire tag

Easy Integration

Equipped with an flexible set of APIs and an easy to use UI we’re able to get you started at no time.